FHA 203K Program

The FHA 203K program is designed to assist homeowners with financing both the purchase of a home and the cost of rehabilitation with a single mortgage. This is geared towards those buying houses modernization needs or more comprehensive repair. Through this Section 203(k) insurance, homeowners are also allowed to refinance an existing mortgage for home rehabilitation. 

The process of modernizing or repairing a home can be a costly and complicated process. In order to acquire improvement loans homeowners must take on loans with short repayment terms, high-interest rates, and a balloon payment. The Section 203(k) can help borrowers and lenders alike with insurance on single, long-term, fixed or adjustable rate loans — this can cover both the acquisition and restoration of a property. These loans save borrowers time and money as well as protect the lenders with insured loans.

The cost of rehab on any house must be at least $5,000 to qualify and the home needs to be at least one year old. The rehab can range from minor to complete reconstruction. The value of the property must also fall within the FHA mortgage limits for the surrounding area. 


  • Insurance for the purchase or rehabilitation of a home.
  • At least $5,000 in repair or modernization to qualify for the rehab insurance.
  • The home must be at least one year old.
  • Value of property must be within FHA mortgage limits for the area.

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