Homeschool with Coronavirus

Homeschool with Coronavirus

The coronavirus has caused school closures to happen all across the country. The school districts are obligated to provide equal learning opportunities. It is hard for the schools to guarantee access to the essential hardware that is needed, like laptops and Wifi; therefore, some schools are handing out enrichment lessons. If you are one of those parents that are homeschooling your kids, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Everyone Learns Different

Learning is different for everyone. Some children do better in groups, while others are more independent. If your child is better in groups, you can put together a zoom study group with classmates. The environment is essential when it comes to education. Having a dedicated workspace causes familiarity, which can ease the mind and allow focus. Not only is workspace primary, but time is as well. Having a daily routine is great, but it is ok to be flexible. Statics state that up to four hours of learning are perfect and not to forget to get outside, so much knowledge happens outside.

Make Memories

This time is very stressful for everyone. Homeschooling is new to a lot of parents and students; let us remember that it is ok to make mistakes because that is how we all learn. Have fun with it and make some fantastic memories.

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