Get Motivated and Set Goals

Get Motivated and Set Goals 

If you are like me, this past year has been a tough year for goal setting and staying motivated because of the pandemic and, well, just life in general. From being stuck in the house with nowhere to go for the majority of last year to the stress of everything else that has come with the pandemic, focusing on growing and reaching my goals was not my first thought. I want to explain the steps I took during that time to stay on track and the things I continue to do today.

What's Important To You

First, it’s essential to figure out what’s important to you. It can be anything from family, your job, an activity like working out, your health, career, etc. From there, you can make a list starting from the things that you would like to get done immediately to something that you know may take a while. I am all about speaking thoughts into existence, so contact someone around you who may have the same mindset as you and talk about it. Talk about what you would like to accomplish and give yourself a timeline. Write these goals in a place where they hit you in the face every day. For instance, I put my goals on my fridge, so each day, I see them and am reminded of what I need to do to get them done. Last, check off the goals that you accomplish as you go. Make sure whether the goals are big or small, you are celebrating those accomplishments.

"If you build it, it will come." 

A quote I live much of my life by is “if you build it, it will come” from the Field of Dreams movie. When I was about ten years old, I had a gymnastics coach who always said this quote. I didn’t quite understand it until I got older, and I did not realize how impactful it would be on my life as an adult. If you start taking the necessary steps to build the life you are looking for, everything else will fall into place, and it will all come to you. So put in the work to reap the rewards.

Consistency is Key

By putting those three steps into my daily routine, I created a more exciting and rewarding life. I feel like I am constantly working toward goals, and I stay motivated because of the reward I think of for myself at the end of the day. I hope these steps can help you reach your goals and stay motivated as they have for me.

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